Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Practice Focus and Perform Like a Champion

Did you know you can practice focus like you practice a golf swing or a dance step?

You may not have considered focus something you can practice or rehearse.

Yet, I've discovered that focus is the key element that transforms past preparation into present success.

In this respect, focus is even more important than the physical acts of practicing the golf swing or dance step.

So why not practice it?

Here's why it's important.

Lose your focus and even the most diligent and disciplined preparation melts down into a rapid series of mental and emotional misfires.

Nothing good happens and it happens fast!

In effect, the lack of focus renders the careful preparation essentially useless.

If you can practice the swing or step, then you can master the art of focus.

Here's a technique I designed that empowers you to do this.

Let's say you want to practice your golf swing.

Take a deep breath.

Elevate your gaze as if looking at an imaginary point just above a distant horizon.

In your mind's eye, practice your golf swing while seeing the scene as if through your own eyes.

As you see the scene as if looking from behind your own eyes, take your stance and feel yourself take a swing.

Do this a few times.

Then, at the top of your backswing, add the sound of another player speaking or some other noise that you might find distracting.

In your imagination, continue with a good swing. Feel solid contact and experience a full follow through.

Remain focused even after you finish your swing and walk down the fairway.

Suppose you have to deliver an important presentation. Rehearse poise and focus in the same way.

In your mind's eye, see the scene as if through your own eyes.

Simulate any distraction you might reasonably expect such as people whispering or entering and leaving the room. Remain focused throughout your mental rehearsal.

Do you realize the poise, confidence, and self-assurance that will carry over from these focus practice sessions to the real thing?

And do you realize how much more effective this simple mental exercise makes your practice or rehearsal sessions?

Practice focus as well as the mechanics of what you intend to do and you will perform like a champion.

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