Saturday, July 14, 2012

Acquisition Finance Challenges ? How To Obtain Financing For Buying A Business

No secret here... buying a business and financing that purchase can take you on a path that is a lot longer than you could wish for, with challenges all along the way. As a result any lead up you can get on acquisition finance will get you to your corporate ' goal line ' a lot faster. That's where our expert advice, tips, and information come in today!

Our focus is mainly in the SME sector - the ' big boys ' of Bay Street seem to already have their millions in place to pay for expert advisors. ( Although if you read the financial pages every day as we do you certainly wonder about where some of that advice is coming from when you see the deals unravel and the scandals unfold?!)When you think of it the concept of purchasing a business or engineering a merger with a competitor is a bit of a journey (we're hoping you won't view it as a ' bad trip ;!)

And what does that journey consist of - well, we are assuming that you have done the work on identifying a target, valuing the target in some manner, and then negotiating your best offer that hopefully makes sense for all parties .Have we forgotten anything? Oh yes, the financing! Here's where the challenges get a little steeper, as they relate to how much capital your own firm has or can put in the new business, as well as the overall financial condition of the business you are buying or merging into.Canadian chartered banks tend to be the first ' go to ' when it comes to obtaining acquisition finance.

The good news here is that there is no mystery around what's required:

A solid business plan and cash flow projection

An industry / competitive overview

Management bios and personal financial statements - including your ability and agreement to sign on with your personal guarantee

Growth plans

Balance sheets and income statements that reflect acceptable debt/worth and cash flow ratios

If we had to sum up the entire ' bank journey ' in acquisition finance in the small to medium enterprise sector it would be that you need to focus on a banker who strongly supports your purchase and has the credibility with bank underwriters to both recommend and move your application forward.

Areas you should consistently focus on in the whole bank process:

Cash flow
Operating ratios

Banks primarily lend on receivables, inventory and fixed assets and real estate. Your ability to manage and monitor those will be reviewed in detail.When Canadian chartered bank financing just isn't going to work the goods news is that there are numerous other options to finance your acquisition of merger.

They include:The Government BIL Loan

Asset based lenders

Private equity /merchant bank groups

Any of those solutions can bring the proper mix of capital to your acquisition finance challenge. Financing of both short term and long term assets can in fact be accomplished in a number of manners, delivering the right leverage and working capital to make your buying that business successful.

Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your acquisition and merger needs.

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